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State and Local Government
Credit Forum

We cordially invite you to attend a 2018 State and Local Government Credit Forum on Tuesday, May 22 in Chicago.

Senior analysts from S&P Global Ratings will share their views, answer questions, and discuss emerging credit risks affecting State and Local Governments in 2018.

We will start the afternoon with a presentation from Joyce Coffee, president of Chicago-based Climate Resilience Consulting. Ms. Coffee will discuss new considerations for municipals posed by climate change.

Along with emerging risks, our panels will cover Illinois hot topics and how pension issues can affect credit quality, with a focus on Illinois issuers. Topics include:

  • The impact the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, cyber security and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) could have on credit quality
  • Why, despite improved near-term credit conditions, U.S. states remain subject to significant long-term structural pressures and how those affect the broader public finance universe
  • S&P Global Ratings' views on the issues facing Illinois governments and higher education institutions, including major organizations such as the City of Chicago, the Chicago Board of Education, Cook County, and the University of Illinois
  • S&P Global Ratings' emphasis on identifying key pension and OPEB liability factors and funding assumptions that could inform credit risk, with a focus on Illinois issuers

Speakers from S&P Global Ratings include: Geoff Buswick, Sussan Corson, Eric Harper, Gabriel Petek, Ashley Ramchandani, Jane Ridley, Lisa Schroeer, Carol Spain, Todd Tauzer, and Blake Yocom

This interactive seminar will take place at the Mid-America Club at 200 East Randolph.

Registration is complimentary but required.

Click here to register now.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Jane Ridley

Geoff Buswick

Gabe Petek

Lisa Schroeer

S&P Global Ratings

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