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•  Will Pipeline Deficiency Mute The New Capital Rules For EU Infrastructure Investments?
•  FAQ: How Will Harvey Affect Borrowers Across The Oil And Gas Industry?
•  FAQ: How Will Calpine Corp.’s Acquisition Affect Its Ratings?
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•  Could private investment in U.K. university accommodation weaken?
•  America’s Nuclear Industry Faces Reality
•  Green America: Developing The Green Bond Market

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•  Credit FAQ: What Are The Rating Implications Of Greece’s €30 Billion Debt Swap?
•  Economic Research: Italy: Towards The End Of The Tunnel?
• Credit FAQ: Explaining Our Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment For The U.K.
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•  Industry Top Trends 2018 Consumer Goods
•  Industry Top Trends 2018 EMEA Retail & Restaurants



March 2018

In this month's Capital Markets View Chris is joined by Luke Millar, European Editor, LCD. Luke and Chris discuss the current supply of loans in the market after a quiet December and January, how pricing isn’t as high as people expected it would be by now and the huge demand for loans from managed accounts and CLOs.

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