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05 April 2019

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The G20's commitment to fundamental reform of the global financial system at its Washington Summit in 2008 sparked a major overhaul of the regulatory landscape. Regulation has tightened considerably through numerous reforms across jurisdictions. Read more

Meaningful strides for some, measured steps for others, and a waiting game for the rest. This encapsulates the stages of development over the past 12 months in the Asia-Pacific region as the region's G-20 jurisdictions consider their implementation of the Financial Stability Board's "Key Attributes... Continue reading

As the three-year run-up to the FASB's new accounting standards issued in 2016 approaches its final leg, the U.S. financial industry is scheduled to change the way companies will need to set aside funds to cover losses in their portfolios. Read more

It has been a year since banks in the GCC region adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 9. As S&P Global Ratings anticipated, overall, the impact was manageable. Continue reading

light_bulb_thought_leadership.png Global Publications From Other Sectors

With central banks around the world taking a sudden, more-dovish stance toward monetary-policy normalization, benchmark borrowing costs are lower, credit spreads are tighter since the beginning of the year, and credit conditions have improved somewhat. View the Credit Conditions series here

Market conditions should remain favorable for covered bond issuance in new markets in 2019, backed by positive, albeit softening, global economic growth and a more dovish stance from the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. View the report

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