Sep 23, 2021

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  The Future Of Banking Research Series

Digitalization is already transforming retail banking. In our view, the opportunities and threats for banks from tech disruption relate to the state of technology, regulation, the banking industry's readiness, and customer preferences. Read more
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  Our Latest Publications By Region


We consider that financial institutions in EMEA are operating in economic conditions that remain relatively positive overall. They are showing some signs of weakness, however, in response to soft and uneven growth across the region, amid growing concerns about... Continue reading

The eight U.S. global systematically important banks (GSIBs) posted mixed first-quarter 2019 results compared with 2018's relatively strong results and mostly reported double-digit returns on equity.  View the full report

China's recent bailout of a troubled commercial bank is a clear signal that it remains highly supportive of the banking sector. The central bank and banking regulator took control over Baoshang Bank (unrated)--a small to midsized regional bank, with a strong connection to...  Read more
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  Global Publications From Other Sectors

In a first look at trade tariffs the U.S. and China have recently slapped on each other, economists at S&P Global Ratings believe the direct effects on the world's two largest economies are likely to be minimal—if the levies remain in place for the rest of 2019. However... Find out more

Financial market stress, mixed economic signals, and a very unpredictable political backdrop globally have led the Fed and European Central Bank to pause on further rate hikes and extend their various quantitative easing initiatives.  View our latest 'Global Fixed Income Research' here, including:

Will the next financial crisis be as bad as 2008-2009? Global debt is certainly higher and in many cases riskier than a decade ago. Nonetheless, the likelihood of a widespread investor exodus is contained, in S&P Global Ratings’ view. The increased debt is largely driven by advanced-economy sovereign borrowing and domestic-funded Chinese companies, thus mitigating contagion risk. Watch now

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